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Snapdragon/NightEyes FatalPassionDVD 輸入盤

タイトル: Snapdragon / Night Eyes Fatal Passion 発売日: 2020/07/14 レーベル: Invincible Pictures 輸入盤DVD/ブルーレイソフトについて ・日本語は国内作品を除いて通常収録されておりません。・ご視聴にはリージョン等特有の注意点があります。プレーヤーによって 生できない 性があるためご使用の機器が対応しているか必ずお確かめください。詳しくはこちら 収録時間: 199分SNAPDRAGON After two men are murdered while having sex with a prostitute, Sergeant Peg Peckham Chelsea Field, The Last Boy Scout is transferred from vice to homicide and assigned to investigate Peg's determined to catch the killer and asks her police psychologist boyfriend David Stratton Steven Bauer, Ray Donovan for a profile In the meantime, David has become attracted to a new patient, Felicity Pamela Anderson, Barb Wire , an amnesiac who is having violent recurring dreams in which she murders her lovers Although the connection to Peg's case seems obvious, Felicity doesn't fit the psychological profile, but David is becoming obsessed with his beautiful and possibly dangerous woman, putting himself and everyone around him in danger From Ashok Amritraj, the producer of Death Sentence, Double Impact and Machete and featuring an all-star supporting cast that includes Matt McCoy Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan , Rance Howard Apollo 13 and Kenneth Tigar The Avengers comes the feature film debut of Pam Anderson in the steamy, sexy thrillerNIGHT EYES FATAL PASSION When a beautiful, renowned psychiatrist Paula Barbieri is stalked by a former psychotic patient, she hires Night Eyes Security Jeff Trachta, The Bold and the beautiful for protection Using her skilled mind and her passionate body, the protector becomes the stalked and a pawn in a diabolical murderous scheme The question is- who's watching whom in this sexy thriller also starring Andrew Stevens The Boondock Saints and Casper Van Dien Starship Troopers Snapdragon / Night Eyes Fatal Passion DVD 輸入盤

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